Feb 7, 2009

FCC Chinese New Year Party

Tonight we attended the FCC-Houston Chinese New Year party, ringing in the Year of the Ox! We have gone every year since 2005 and they are always lots of fun.

The girls did not want to wear their traditional Chinese dresses this year because they said they are uncomfortable (I agree) so I bought them these really cute panda bear dresses from CWD Kids. Kevin was bummed that they wouldn't be in traditional dress, but we got more compliments on their dresses and they were comfy all night.

We started the event with crafts (panda picture frames, Chinese charm bracelets, and goody bags...something else I am forgetting). Then dinner (a true Chinese feast) and the entertainment from Mitsi Dancing School and the dragon dancers they have every year.

We got to sit with Nancy, Jade and Jasmine which was a special treat because all the girlies and their moms get along so well and the girls all attend FBA together. It was so great to chat with them.

We look forward to doing it all again next year! Here are some pics:

My girls!

A fabulous feast! (can you see that all the plates are almost empty except the veggies?)

Playing with chopsticks!


Jasmine & Lena

Wonderful entertainment!

All four fabulous friends together!

And, to top it all off, I finally got to meet Allison Stock live and in the flesh! Allison and I have been "online" friends for at least 18 months. When we first "met" we were each prepping to travel to adopt our youngest child (her third, my second). She relocated to Houston not long ago and we finally got to meet...we are no longer only "online" buddies. :)


Super Mommy said...

We had so much fun last night Donna. We love "grammy" too!

You took some great pictures!! Happy New Year!

PletcherFamily said...

Those are the cutest dresses I have ever seen! What a great idea. I love them!

And Alison - who did she adopt? I may not remember from that group, but that is exciting that you met an internet buddy! Some day we will have to meet in Disney!

Beverly said...

love the panda dresses!

Natalie said...

The girls look like they had so much fun! They look simply adorable in their matching clothes.